Im looking for loads of glowstone!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Sambish, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Hi I need absolutely loads of glow stone for my mega mall that im building on smp7!
  2. You are a diamond supporter... Just buy it...
  3. Yeah but i need loads and i will buy everyone stock out
  4. Check 12162 on smp6
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  5. Ok thank
  6. hehe - yeh i just sold 2dc to random people, day before yesterday, like M4nic and stores on smp2 ... so try 12162, 4226, and 3026 :)
  7. Ok thanks
  8. How much will you pay per block?
  9. I typically sell DC's of glowstone at 60k. I don't have one ready to sell ATM, but if you're interested send me a PM. Doesn't have to be a DC, it can be any amount you need really.
  10. Once my witch farm get done, I can sell you infinite amounts of glowstone.
  11. I can assure you there are MUCH better ways of getting glowstone :p
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  12. Being Diamond supporter doesn't automatically make you rich...
  13. What why didnt i get this memo....wait a sec
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  14. wat
  15. its not like every diamond supporter is rich...
  16. Do you need over nine thousand pieces?
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  17. I sell glowstone at my shop 10117@SMP5 for 20r a piece.
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  18. pm me for glowstone 18r a piece! ;)
  19. Alyattayla and I have around half a Single-chest of Glowstone - tell one of us if you're interested. :)
  20. -_-Really? Rupee bonus is 1k!!!!