I'm looking for a trustful and dedicated player

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheRobotChicken, May 14, 2012.

  1. hey guys i have been busy making my roller coaster meaning i have not been able to stock my shop. it is hard to stock by myself as I'm always on my coaster. so I'm opening up a job payment:3k a week for a trustful and dedicated person. plz comment below if u want the job and why u should get it thx :) btw i also need u to get most of the shops well stocked :)
  2. I could do it, hey I'm a troll but I an trustworthy! Um and by stock ur shop dies that means with our items or urs? :p
  3. i mean like you have to go out and mine coal and stock the shop with the coal and stuff like that
  4. How would we stock it?
  5. you would have container perms
  6. Well then do backround checks on people and I still want to do it ask srlb Zslumdog underage
    Minor about me I'm good :)
  7. I am trust worthy. Not so much on dedicated, unless if I am determined.
  8. Hey Robot. When you choose your players, let me know =]
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  9. Just pm me if I get it :)
  10. Im trustworthy and dedcated but i have enough troble stocking my shop...
  11. yeah i will :]
  12. i just added the B 6:6 S thing to it so maybe that will help...well it is so far
  13. I can help you if you want, I tend to be in MC alot and if you ask x1x_x1x, I am do work alot..
  14. I'll be open, am dedicated, and always love to help a fellow Empiran. PM me when help is needed.