Im Leaving :(

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  1. Hello EMC, Please read on...

    Sorry guys! Real life has caught up with my Minecraft Life! I hope to see you again. Im going to sleep, never slept for like 300+ days after joining EMC but I have to go, my eyes are drying out from not blinking because im focused on EMC. Sorry! I hope to see you guys in about 8 hours when I go to sleep in about 4 hours, first person to say: 'if you leave I will miss you!' wins! 100r!!
  2. You're making a goodbye thread so you can go to sleep?
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  3. Seems like it. Also that was fast...
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  4. Well, have a good night for you then.
    Before you go to sleep.... can i haz your rupees!?
    (Pretty lame joke i just wrote, eh?)
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  5. Don't sleep! Stay awake! NOOO! We lost him, he's gone...
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  6. Im not sleeping for another 4 hours!

    Updated OP!
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  7. Thanks for scaring me with the thread title. I was afraid I'd have to say no leaving threads allowed anymore and this is what happens to them:
    Anyways, have. Good nights sleep - your punctuation errors prove you are tired... Oh wait... :p
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  8. Dont start that >.>
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  9. Well played xD

    Equinox_Boss made one for going to the bathroom.

    YES. I know exactly how that is :/
  10. I can't say anything, lol. iOS autocorrect made me put a full stop whe no punctuation should have :p
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