I'm leaving and giving away all my stuff and rupees

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Amumbo, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. As you can guess from the title I'm leaving and giving away all my stuff and rupees.

    I'm starting a new company that is going to take up all of my time so I can no longer play MC at all.

    When my diamond subscription runs out at the end of September I will give away around 100k rupees.

    I will be online tonight at around 8pm GMT and will give everyone flags to all my res'. I will probably keep all my diamonds, emeralds and diamond ore to one side for now. I also have hundreds of villagers but I think I know where you want them to go.

    It's been fun

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  2. forgot to say, I will also take people to my hidden bases in Utopia and take the locks of my chests and show people where my utopia and smp6 grinders are.
  3. ...........................
  4. i will be waiting
  5. :) okay. Though it's a shame, more players are leaving than joining, I sometimes think I am here only player left around from when we had the arena servers
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  6. Didn't know you, but sucks to see you go. What kind of company? Good luck anyhow!
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  7. We will miss you AMUmbO!!
    Will you still be on the forums>>???
  8. Good luck, with your company :)
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  9. It's a web company, seeing offices today and maybe looking at staff as well. I might post some details at some point.
  10. Probably not to be honest. At the moment I have a full time job, the new company that my current job is funding, I'm a stage director for an awards show and I have 2 young kids. My down time is now reduced to 0!
  11. Oh... okay Good luck then!! :D
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  12. How do i set all my res flags for everyone?
  13. /res set build true
  14. I am giving everyone build flag on res 13037 on SMP 6. Bring an axe
  15. It's a shame your going. But I wish you luck with your new company then. If you could show me where your grinder is on SMP6 that would be great.
  16. Stupid power workers would have loved to see your Res. Hope you have a good time doing your job. If I could let me have a share of the rupees it would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Im bad at conversions. What time will it be in New York (Eastern Standard Time) when its 8pm In london (GMT)
  18. The cruel things we call jobs have taken away the auction king cake master and now you :( I'll be there for the griefing party, because this song sums me up in 4 mins:

    (Just a joke :p I dissaprove of griefing completely)
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  19. 12085 SMP6 is now ready with flags
  20. why mr. power guy why