"im in ur base stealing ur space"

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  1. I was growing some tree's and one of them decided to have a mega growth spurt...

  2. It's them damn chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds, loading our children and trees with extra hormones. :/
  3. What's with treed growing outside your res if you plant them near the edge?
  4. the server doesn't limit normal growth only player placed block at least this is what i assume
    i'm not sure this would be something that justin could fix
  5. Correct, they render themselves without further player input. You might be able to cut the logs down, but you would not be able to build directly beneath them to do so. This is something that has not presented itself as causing major problems yet. However, keep investigating so that everyone is aware of these findings. Justin will be able to at least attempt to fix it, if it becomes a problem. :)
  6. I attempted to fix the tree problem before. Currently the only way to fix it would be to disable trees in town (like tnt). I will look at the issue again when the final game is out.
  7. How about this for a fix... You can only place Saplings within 58x58 of the Residential. Meaning that it will restrict you if you try planting them around the edge.
  8. This is exactly what I suspected was the issue at hand. :) I was under the impression it was an issue within the Minecraft code itself and not within your direct control, outside of disabling trees as you mentioned.
  9. oak trees can grow pretty wide you would need to cut that back to 50x50 and if you do that it could hurt some buldings like mine

    honestly i don't see it as a real problem if justin doesn't mind clearing some branches once in ahwile
  10. Admins and senior moderators (Dark_Liz and AusQB) can clear branches :)
  11. When I asked AusQB about my problem He told me to contact an Admin. Or is this a new feature you have recently added?
  12. what I like to do is make a small cobblestone box, 4 high 3 wide, and let the sapling grow there ike that, bone meal speeds it up a TON
  13. When they were recently upgraded to senior moderators they now can do this :)
  14. WOW! one question and this much discussion! lol! well at least u care! :)
  15. It wasn't even a question to begin with!
  16. Look back at the ? mark!
  17. Where is the '?' mark?
  18. too fast for me...
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  19. oohhhhh!! i thought u were talking about MY post!! lol!