im in need of a job

Discussion in 'Players for Hire' started by mommybot42, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. I will do just about anything from building to defending you in the waste
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  2. Would you be willing to make a castle for 500k it’s about 20k blocks
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  3. hmm yes ill do it
  4. but will you give me the blocks?
  5. but when would you like me to do it I cant today but name a time tomorrow and ill do it
  6. I am looking to build these buildings

    Let me know if you can put them in schematic form, thanks! :)
  7. Yes I am giving all blocks needed it might take a week or two to build tho Can u make me a schematic? Conductor
  8. I was replying to mommybot
  9. the_op_villager ill build you that castle
  10. Yes but I need a schematic made I can’t get lne
  11. If you want you can always get me sand or gravel or both
  12. Can u make me a schematic :p
  13. ok will anyone hire me?
  14. Sry ima have to pass on the job I think I might not do the build
  15. My offer still stands, just wondering if you can do that or not
  16. ok so ill take your offer