Im Hiring!

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  1. Im hiring these type of people:

    Builders for 9139
    And suppliers for 9139

    Builders job is only until finished and will be called on again before anyone else for refurbs later on

    Suppliers job is forever or until you quit/i fire you

    And questions or comments just ask!
  2. I'd like to apply for builder..
    But what is the payment?
  3. Suppliers:

    place things in double chest then you will receive half of what its sold for (this may be changed and will be increase for more items)


    Depending on the work and the price you offer and we agree on
  4. well, I'd apply for builder, but I need more details.
  5. come onto SMP4 we can talk then ;)
  6. Ok.
  7. I'd like to participate in this 'chat'.