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  1. hello my name is justin (theronguard1500) and. i.. just... wanted.... to..... be...... notticed........

    Thats All!!!
  2. Welcome to the Empire!!! How did you find us?
  3. well i found it and joined but then i got frustrated with that fact that you cant warp to your home from deep in the wild and a user called ( Oleyy ) showed me the way back into the warp zone and i then found out all the cool stuff you can do on this server like RUPEES (major zelda fan)
  4. and i found it searching for a server
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  5. lol. You did stumble upon quite a gem, if I may say so myself.
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  6. lol i see that now btw how did you get the EVERYDAY IM SHOVELIN thing?
    Don't forget you can always edit posts, no need to overpost. And please don't spam or any of that bad stuff.
  9. ok thanks for the info
  10. Welcome to the Empire :)

    But please don't shout like that, especially telling us to follow you. :)
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  12. lol ronguard another think lets meet in game in a near time. And I think u should get iron supporter or something near that. Cause it has benefits. really ..
  13. what is your server?
  14. Smp5 both of us
  15. isnt it the sad truth that it is just that much easier to notice the fancy colors when they are talking vs. others. XD
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  16. Yea man but 20 dolar aint that cheap for a color so i got the iron
  17. Welcome! I am new aswell.
  18. Than welcome to u aswell
  19. Too bad iron supporters are grey:(