Im having a problem with logging on.

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  1. Sometimes when i load up minecraft and try to play on EMC
    it says you can only be logged on one EMC server at a time... This had happened before when i had lagged out and i simply tried the server i last went on and it was fine. But it still says that and i tried every EMC server and it still doesn't work, but it works a while later. Anyone no how to fix this?
  2. Are you sure you are not connected to smp4? I see you on that server and you have been chatting every minute or so. Does someone else use your account? I show it is two different IP's.
  3. This problem hapens to me sometimes aswel
  4. Yes i think my friend on
  5. This would be the reason you have that problem :) I would recommend not sharing accounts, if your friend gets you banned it is not an excuse that someone else was using it :)
  6. Ok, but in the past it just let me log him off.
  7. Correct, this was a bug that was fixed. Because when this happened it was clearing peoples XP among other things.
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  8. True it did clear my XP when i was like level 10
  9. i get that problem and no one else that i am aware of even knows my account password
  10. Is it right after you locked up, and did you open a new instance of the game? And are you running Spoutcraft or vanilla MC?
  11. i just get kicked off and it says I'm only allowed one instance on EMC servers
  12. I lost over 30 xp levels because of this bug.
  13. Mine sometimes does that to and it just freezes up so i cant do anything so i just log in again.
  14. here is a screenshot

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  15. Are you sure the program was not still open? In windows it sometimes disappears from the task bar when MC freezes. You can find out with ctrl + alt + delete, or restart your computer :)
  16. I never opened another minecraft window.
  17. If you are logged onto a server and that server crashes / resets / reboots then until the reset is complete, all the other servers will have you tagged as still being logged on to that original server.