I'm halfway from 100k!!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by lntra, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. So I have been working hard and all that work paid off!

    Be amazed . . .
  2. How long did this take you? I've gotten 60,000 in 3 days :)
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  3. A day.
  4. What u do? i wanna earn money to :) What kinda jobs you do? ^^
  5. I think his emerald factory...
  6. Emerald factory!? That is?
  7. Ding!!!
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  8. Emerald Factory???
  9. Same here :/
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  10. Lol. He grows sugar cane (and other items) and trades it to villagers for emeralds.
  11. That kinda explains alot :p
  12. Ah i get it now xD
  13. haha yup xD
  14. :3
  15. Haha NOPE!
  16. ?
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  17. where do oyu sell the emeralds?
  18. Just selling tons of items?
  19. I earned 50k from dirt.
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  20. I did not manage to earn 50k from dirt, I made like 30k :)