Im Giving Away A Company!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. The company is:

    Wild Bull Signatures but its open to rename,

    The company is too make signatures for rupees and the company will be in the control of


    But they can buy the company from me and the person who I agree to give it too they will recive a website, email ____@WBSignatures.UK.TC and support from ProStarter, for more help about this email


    Prostarter Founder And Owner
    Smile Co. Owner
    Wild Bull Signatures Founder And Owner
  2. By the way the person who owns pays nothing but a couple rupees when i need this company can make millions!! (its a saying i mean loads of money)
  3. Um. The reason your selling this, likely, is since it is un sucessful. And why, is since many people make sigs for free.
  4. fine then i wont sell it
  5. Just out of intrest, how many companies do you have?
  6. well this one and ProStarter then i got Smile Co. to join me yesterday


    Smile Co.
    Wild Bull Signatures (Coming Soon If Sold)
  7. This one ProStaters and Smile Co. join ProStarters yesterday


    Smile Co.
    Wild Bull Signatures (Coming Soon, If Sold)