I'm getting two daily login rupee bonuses?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Caeyde, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. I got two on Saturday, and two today...
    On Saturday it says at 3:39 AM and today at 5:00 AM but I was asleep at both of those times :confused:
    I got gifted my Diamond Supporter on Saturday, but I don't know if that relates to the problem at all

    Any ideas on how to stop this are appreciated, even though most wouldn't mind getting a double login bonus it kinda bothers me >.<
  2. It is?
    Oh I feel like an idiot now haha
    Thanks :p
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  3. its ok, happens to all of us.
    The post relating to it occasionally flashes up in the general posts of chat when on the server so keep an eye out :)
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  4. As a supporter. You automatically get your sign-in bonus at night if you didn't log in at all that day. So if you didn't log in the previous day, then logged in after then; you would immediately get another bonus.
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  5. The day you upgrade to supporter can generally trigger double login rewards, but in this case, its because on the SERVER its past midnight. Servers run on GMT time.
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