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    C A N _ W E _ S I M P L Y _ S T A R V E _ T H I S _ S i N _ ?

    Welcome to I'm Fading Fast, a graphics shop by BabyKotic.
    This is where I will be offering to create personalized graphics for
    you guys in exchange for rupees and vouchers. I can not promise
    to come up with exactly what you are looking for, but I can promise
    that I will do my best to ensure that you are happy with the end
    result of my work.

    Read the rules before submitting an order!

    ✶ « one. courtesy

    Primarily, please be respectful to everyone in this shop, including other customers and all members
    of the staff. We love chatting and welcome conversation, as long as it remains friendly and civil. We
    do try our best to keep our customers happy, so long as everyone is treated with respect. If someone
    harasses you or a fight breaks out, click the report button so staff can handle the situation appropriately.

    ✶ « two. payment

    Two forms of payment are acceptable. Rupees and vouchers (diamond supporter, res voucher, etc.).
    I will not accept real money or other forms of currency, so do not ask. Anything outside of what I
    have already listed would violate the EmpireMC ToS, so let's not even talk about it. I will take
    payment only after I have completed the work you have asked me to do. Please make sure you
    have the funds set aside to pay me, as I will report you for not paying.

    As far as how much I charge, this will pretty much be a "pay what you can" type of deal. Make
    me an offer with your order. If the offer is too small for the complexity of the order, I will let
    you know. Otherwise I will accept if the order is within my abilities to complete.

    ✶ « three. time

    Be patient. Like everyone else, this is not my entire life and I get busy. I aim to complete orders
    within a week, but may take up to two. Please plan accordingly. If something comes up that will
    delay me I will try my best to let you know.

    ✶ « four. theft

    This shouldn't need to be said. However, to clarify, do not steal anything that comes out of this
    shop. This includes shop graphics, graphics made for customers, and coding. Stealing with be
    dealt with quickly and handed over to staff. If my work is used for actual profit and I find out, I
    will notify the proper authorities and a lawyer of my intellectual property being stolen. I do not
    tolerate theft.

    ✶ « five. contact

    All orders, questions, and comments will be handled through the shop. The only reason you should
    ever send me a private message would be if you have waited more than 2 weeks for your order
    and still have not heard from me.

    ✶ « six. delivery

    When your order is complete, I will PM you with the graphics with a watermark on it. You will
    then have 48 hours to complete payment for the graphics. Once payment is received you will
    get another message with the full graphic with no watermark (other than my tiny logo of course).
    You will then have 48 hours to host said image on your own server, meaning it's up to you to
    save the image to your computer or upload it somewhere else as I will delete it from my file
    hosting after those 48 hours.


    ✽ « 3 / 3 open ---

    *◢ Open
    • Open
    *◢ Open


    Order Form (be sure to use this when ordering):

    *◢ username - your username here
    *◢ order type - simple, detailed, l-shape, thread?
    *◢ image(s) - link(s) here, delete if not applicable (I will not find you your images, any request asking me to will be declined)
    *◢ word(s) - any quotes, lyrics, words you'd like on the graphics.
    *◢ theme - describe here. would you like it elegant? cute? distorted?, what colors and styles were you imagining?
    *◢ extra - anything else?
    *◢ offer - initial offer here

    Samples of my work may be found here: Samples.
  2. This thread is so pretty <3
    Any examples of your work?
  3. Sorry about that lovely. I knew I was forgetting something lol.

    A link to my samples has been added to the bottom of the post.

    And thanks for the compliment :)
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  4. It is a beautiful post but hard to read from my phone kind of dark.
  5. Wow this is very professional, and a great portfolio you have there. I'll look into ordering :)
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