I'm de-toxing

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  1. My pc is giving off an electrical odor. Something inside is about to burn up. So I am waiting to turn it on untill my pc guy can look at it. I've had the baby all day so that's no problem. What is a problem is that the baby is asleep now. I can't play minecraft without running the risk of ruining something. Maybe I'll take the sides off and put a desktop fan on it. EMC should come with an addiction warning. I wonder if I could temporarily transfer my minecraft to a laptop?
  2. u can install on ur laptop and log in from there. the emc server will all be the same to u
  3. Just take a break from Minecraft. It could be for the better good. (btw you can just download minecraft again to your laptop and play EMC)
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  4. An optimistic outlook. A like for you sir.
  5. You should cut your arm as a sacrifice to the Computer Gods.Then maybe it'll all be fine.
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