I'm Conused About Malicaii12 Threatening To Ban Me?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DeAdLyTuToRiAlZ, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Earlier today their was a few people talking about Adulf Hitler and Nazi's so I joined in and said "The Nazi's only did what the world wanted to do, they were just the only ones who had the balls to do it."

    I then said "Hitler did incredible things, bad, but incredible."

    I was then kicked by Mallicaii12 and he stated "I warned you once, next time its a ban."

    However I did not see a warning on my screen, whether it is because I was busy building or not looking.

    I didn't break a commandment as I was merely joining in with the conversation. I was not rude to anyone and I certainly wasn't racist.

    I am not a Nazi, I am English and I do not support what the Nazi's did. But I didn't offend any race, sexuality or religion so can Malicaii12 ban me for this reason where I broke no commandments?

  2. no, he cannot ban without legitament reasons/proof
  3. That conduct doesn't seem fitting for the Empire. I would have temp-banned all involved in it. I fully support Malicaii's decision and I think you should thank him for being lenient about it.
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  4. I agree I think if anything Malicaii was being lenient, this is not the community for things like this.
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  5. i kinda agree with crazy, actually talking about something like that can still be punished, but they are also just talking about something they want to talk about, we do have freedom of speech

    :EDIT: i hope i dont offend anyone, after all, most/all of what we say is our opinions
  6. So you think this is okay?

    I don't see how anyone could think that somebody could say anything even REMOTELY similar to that without being banned.
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  7. well, not really, but they still have freedom of speach. its not like they are threatening anyone
  8. Sorry, that was a bit mean.

    The Empire has its own rules regarding chat, and this is in violation. While America may have free speech, nobody should condone this conduct.
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  9. However, people DIED because of hitler. That offends people who died because of his atrocities, saying he is incredible. I have seen people EXPELLED for saying that at school. I am surprised you didn't get banned.
  10. yes, i know. thank you for reminding me crazy. i hope we can forget about this, nobody was hurt. nothing bad really happened, why dont we move on and be more careful about what we say.

    staff can choose to punish them if they want, i am not staff, so i would not have a big say in what we should do about his, i am just hoping we can stop having arguments/problems like this
  11. Great, now Nazi's have even managed to get their infamy to people who play games as innocent as Minecraft.
  12. Is this a game or the O.N.U, you guys should chill and play minecraft... im really shure the place to talk about the nazis or the holocaust is not an internet game where you are supposed to have fun an think possitive.
  13. yeah, this is a game. we shouldnt be talking about hitler, lets drop it and move on. anyone agree ?
  14. He has a good point, listen to him
  15. I agree let's just drop it.
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