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  1. i dunno if I'm just unlucky or the enchantment chances area changed but the last 14 enchantments i have made (all from 40+) have been a unbreak or eff none are fortune or silk touch? its really annoying
  2. No, you're not the only one. I've got like 5x Eff III or IV only from 40+ enchants. It is annoying.
  3. well i have got 14 in 2 days worth of grinding :l kinda getting annoying
  4. Hmm all the enchants i have been getting are good
    I have gotten Unbreaking III Effciency IV Silk Touch
    Fotune III Unbreaking III
    Silk Touch Unbreaking III
    Efficiency V Unbreaking III
    And enchanted all of these in a row
  5. what!?! i have enchanted all these in a row
    4x eff4
    2x eff 5
    1x unbreak 3 eff 3
    2x unbreak 2 eff 2
    4x unbreak 3
    1x eff 3

  6. go for lv 50 enchants then.
  7. dude good enchants are hard to get
  8. I got lucky :D
  9. You selling them cheap?
  10. i guess what one u want?
  11. i dont wanna sell yet I'm saving them for 3939 smp2
  12. Enchanting is pretty much 99% luck.
  13. well i don't have luck :p
  14. And 1% skill to not reclick after you see a 50 haha, do that all the time and its bloody annoying XD
  15. I know right!?
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  16. 99% luck, 1% chance, and 2% maths. <no,wait...>
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  18. Yea haha
    lmao, hate to see who your maths teacher is :p
  19. Yeah i'm getting Eff IV from lvl 50 enchants, so...