Im confused..

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  1. I know we aren't really allowed to plug other servers but I was randomly reloading on the main page to see if there were any replies to messages I've posted and the advertisement banner up in the corner was plugging another server.. o,o'
    How do I report the advertisement for advertising another server?
  2. I just got proof too.. :3 I erased the ip address so that I don't get in trouble for bring it to light... <,< (Hopefully)
  3. I have seen many like these :/ but I'm not to bothered
  4. i am honestly getting that SAME ad looking at this. haha, i just ignore it. because i already know Empire is the best there ever will be. <3
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  5. One word...
  6. seriously, a heart emoticon would be perfect, and highly needed. :) haha.
    maybe if i copy it from facebook, and paste....
    it worked!
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  7. though, one problem with that, if you have it long enough, eventually facebook's click buttons stop working :(
  8. I like how they're advertising something completely opposite to EMC. Who on Earth wants to play on a server with no rules?
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  9. I'm tempted to ask you to minimize the browser so I can see what's going on with that red background...:)
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  10. I dont use FB, so i'm safe.
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  11. someone who isn't fun, and doesn't understand how amazing Empire is? that is all i got. ..... their loss :D

    so am i! :p
  12. Who wants to see my desktop? It involves my current avatar :3
  13. I have like a million backgrounds that change every 15 minutes.. <,< ..A lot of them have red too.. but I can probably figure it out by the edge.

    ....I think it might of been one of these:
    0a6a89b374fc6a3d604b67e4ed89bc93.jpg hakurei_reimu_and_kirisame_marisa_by_wuduo-d4rwoim.jpg - 48757 hakurei_reimu irua snow touhou yakumo_yukari.jpg league_of_legends_contest_for_lunar_revel___ahri_by_lunarpacifier-d4of53b.jpg
  14. Ironically, I clicked on it and there are rules..
    Rule #1: There are no rules, except that you can't cheat (ie, no xray).
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  16. Sorry about the wide screen affect. I can't be bothered to go into paint and crop it out, I always seem to get just text ads...