I'm Coming Back...?

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  1. So, it's been quite a while since I fired up Minecraft. The last time I played Minecraft I was what, 12 years old? So... I was wondering if any of you kind souls could educate me. What's been the good, the bad, and the ugly since 1.3.1?
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  2. I have nothing good to say about the updates since beyond 1.2 (besides 1.6). I'm totally a hipster though so don't take my word, or lack thereof, for it.
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  3. There are still blocks, and mobs. Not much has changed.
  4. I actually liked quite a few updates. First of all, how can't you have liked the 1.5 update :p? hoppers, droppers, comparators, day-light sensors....
    1.4 was good too by introducing command blocks, they made a whole new type of minecraft but I am not really interested in that part though (but maybe you are).
    Main point of 1.6 was horses, it is not what I use the most myself but they are a cool addition.

    1.7 was a big guy. Some fancy big stuff with command blocks and slight changes in game mechanics like fishing, but especially new biomes with new blocks. Stained clay. Best block ever. Ice plains with spiked ice which doesnt melt (SOOO usefull) Dark oak forrest which I like, and spruce (nicest wood type) can now grow 2x2 :D! Also, because it introduced like 10 new biomes there is a bit more variation in the worlds, which I really like.

    1.8: Slime blocks :cool:. What can be bad about that. Also fish templesw with guardians (very awesome creatures) and sponge again (that works :p). New enchantment mechanic, which makes you spend 3 levels for an enchant (but you need to have 30 levels before you can enchant) and uses lapis. This is waaay better than before in my opinion. Also andesite, granite and diorite were introduced. not my favorite blocks, but just a bit more variation.

    1.9: well, this is kinda a flop for me :3. It is mostly based on PVP, which I dont do really often, but it does make mob fighting a bit different. its good for mob farms that swords can do splash damage and you dont have to lose that much durability. I have a bit mixed feelings about the new elytra wings, they are cool and stuff, but maybe a bit overpowered transport. Also, the end has changed a bit. the dragon fight is a bit more enjoyable now I would say.

    But 1.9 has two great new features: middle click in survival on a block to select that block from your inventory (UPDATE EMC!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!) and.... BOATS DONT BREAK OMG MOM GET THE CAMERA!!!! :p

    Also, I missed the wither boss somewhere. I like that too. I probably missed alot more, but I dont remember from everything what was there already and what was added later :p
  5. soon EMC will be in 1.9.2 which adds 2 new enchants, the elytra, and other goodies to pillage in the extended End, also added was a way to resummon the end dragon as well, jsut not excited bout the pvp update part of it