I'm buying tons of glowstone

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  1. I'm going to buy 2 stacks of glowstone please talk to me and name your price and I'll negotiate thanks.
  2. I'll pay like 1,900
  3. 27r a piece - 4421 SMP2

    I haven't yet adjusted the prices to fit after the reset.
  4. I
    I need them for 15. A piece
  5. 15r for one Glowstone? I think none sell's for that price. I might be wrong.
  6. I'm buying in bulk
  7. Glowstone at 621 on smp1
  8. Can I buy in bulk
  9. I need glowstone cheap and in bulk
  10. dude the lowest i've seen is like 22r for 1
  11. On smp3 its 20r
  12. found some for 19 at derk_fawns res
  13. ok thanks
  14. Sorry I have not put it in bulk because I am in the wilds and I have not been back for a while
  15. 15051

    25 a piece
  16. I have like 4 stacks..
  17. How much will you sell half of that for
  18. I can't get on so it's still 27r..