I'm buying Gold Blocks and Lapis Blocks.

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  1. I'm buying Lapis and Gold Blocks, mainly Gold Blocks. If you have a couple stacks that you'd like to sell me, feel free to contact me on the forums or in game.

    If your store sells them and you know you're in stock, feel free to leave a res number here or PM me with one. :) And yeah, before you ask, I already checked the EMC shop database.

    I very much appreciate any help you can give me! :D
  2. I'll get you some lapis and gold blocks.
  3. im guessing your building with gold and lapis?
  4. I got 1 stack of lapis blocks you can have.
  5. Maybe there is some on SMP9 at 19333
  6. Yup, I'm building an egyptian-ish palace at res 1932, and you can't build any respectable palace without precious ores. :) At the moment I really need gold blocks more than lapis blocks. Also I'll check, Dreamytje. :)