I'm buying all your cobble or stone.

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  1. I need a mass amount of stone block. I'll take cobble to keep the price down. My problem is I need an estimated 5000 stacks. Mining this myself will take forever. The high market price of 20 rupees a stack keeps me from buying at a shop. If you would like to sell to me in bulk let me know. Thank you.
  2. How much would you pay for a large chest full of cobble?
  3. Vivid check my store at 3026 I think my cobble price is lower than 20R a stack

    ****Smp 2 BTW
  4. Under $500 for sure. I'll have more things to buy as the project develops. I am also going shop to shop via the market place. Some prices are unbelievable. The great prices are sold out.
  5. Your out of stock.

    Someone stands to make a lot of money from me if the price is right.:)
  6. Ok sorry :( I'll try to get that stocked for you
  7. smp5 usually sells cobble ranging 15-20r per stack, ill put some in tomorrow afternoon (12-3p.m. EST) if you waant, its 16r for 64 when i have it in :)
  8. Why don't you give us an idea of what you want to pay. I try to hoard cobble, so I may be able to help you meet your requirements.
  9. visit 14014 smp i should have a full double chest there
  10. come to 9088 I'll set up a private chest for you to get cobble 128 for 5r
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  11. Oh and its on smp4!
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  12. Tell me when I run out and I'll get you more....
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  13. 5000 stacks? What are you making!!! D:
  14. I have seen Stacks of cobble for lower than 15, you should go on each server and find the best prices. :p
  15. Oh yeah it does say 5000 satcks first time I read it I thought it said 5000 all up! well I think I can supply quite alot so come on by to 9088!
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  16. One full double chest of cobble equals 3456 cobblestone blocks... That means you are gonna need alot of cobble!
    One double chest has 54 slots for stacks of cobble.
    Therefore 54 x 93 = 5022. That means you will need 92 double chests full of cobblestone and one other single chest filled almost fully just 5 slots without cobblestone stacks.

    Anyways whatever way you cut it I just don't think I can make it.
    You may want to consider asking IcecreamCow for some assistance....
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  17. Because I need so much The price needs to be under 10. Stads just sold me 2 stacks for $5.
    LOL your out. Thank you.
    I'd rather not say at this time. it's massive and will take months to complete. It is sentimental to me though.
    I have done that. I even used the shop guide. If it were cheap enough it was out. Some people are selling it for $30 lol
    In your math 54x93= where did you get the 93?

    I am not going to get in a hurry on this project, it's too big. I haven't even finished it in creative. I appriceate all assistance. I upgraded my membership just to build it. Thanks again everyone. If you have extra sell it to me.:)
  18. OK so there are 54 slots in a double chest each able to hold 64 cobblestone.
    I opened up my calculator and typed in 54x99 and it was close but too high so I kept going down. Eg; 54x98,54x97 etc.
    When I got to 54x93 it came out to be 5022.
    This means that you will need 93 double chests full of 64 stacks of cobblestone.
    Is that any clearer?