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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DC626, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Dear EMC members and awesome mods and admins,

    Today i have been banned because of supposed 'scamming' however, i have not scammed for profit or anything, i try to be a good player and help others out with stuff. i have scammed, but not intentionally or for profit. i always return money when people are unhappy and i build stuff for everyone to come and hang out. i am trying to help out in the community since we have over 11k members. please do understand this and i will be leaving emc tomorrow

    i have had a great time here with everybody and i hope this gets bigger :) Im quite sad that i have to leave but i understand if people dont want me on the server. seeya all and i had a great time here
  2. Sebas! Its so sad
  3. how do you unintentionally scam someone?
  4. he just needed money to help people to for example get stuff for them
  5. well You scam someone while not knowing it and not intentionally doing it.
  6. Nope not really
  7. i wish you would get unbanned and ban me instead!
  8. You still have a chance
  9. wat do u mean
  10. This server is the best server, You only have one life
  11. I dont mind getting unbanned, ive sent my appeal in
  12. Bet this is gonna be deleted for spam. no ones gives a hoot about me. i am hardly known
  13. I know who you are and many others do too. I'm sure you will be unbanned and the mods will reLise they have made a mistake just be patient!
    You are a great part of the community!
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  14. Go sebas!
  15. if you edit your post saying nobody gives a *beep* about you into something else, you may have a bigger chance of being unbanned, EMC does not like foul language :/
  16. Thanks, edited it.

    Thanks for all the support guys! (although i dont think i will be unbanned)
  17. never say never! lol
  18. So much for resilience
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Not open for further replies.