I'm banned and I don't know how long :(

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jdude10, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Ok, Can an admin please tell me how long i'm banned for?
    My user: jdude10
    Server: SMP5
    Reason Banned: Pvp

    Please will someone help me! contact me on skype User: xph4tzz
  2. Congratulations! You just incorrectly appealed!

    Send the mod who banned you a PM, but PvP = a permaban as far as I know.

    Also, read this: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/ban-appeals.322/. How you didn't see it is beyond me, it's at the top of this forum!
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  3. Not its not a perma ban I know someone who was banned for like 3 days becuase of pvp.
  4. It only says banned :(
  5. I'll /p it now. PM any mod (BUT ONLY 1) if you're not sure who it was, they'd prefer it you appealed in the right way to the wrong person than the wrong way to everyone.

    EDIT: Just checked; you are PERMABANNED (banned forever)
  6. It looks like you are perm-banned.
  7. How do i figure out who banned me?
  8. Just PM any mod and ask them who banned you then add that mod to the PM.
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  9. I'd presume it's on the ban screen but if it's not:
  10. how do ip a mod?
  11. How can you PvP on EMC???
  12. flint and steel :( i was happy becasue i finaly made 10k and i got to happy and killed someone!
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  13. Now you've admitted to doing it, good luck getting unbanned.
  14. This is not a ban appeal thread.
  15. You can't it's in the guide.
    NO PvP on any Server
  16. Haha, well done me. I'll fix it.

    EDIT: Yes it is if you read further down :p Anyway, I was preparing for it to become one?
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  17. Get happy when you get to my level! i finally got from -650k to 1k!
  18. sorry im trying to talk to icecream cow he wont answer me :(
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