I'm back

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  1. Hey everyone,

    As some of you may have noticed I have been gone for quite a while. I think maybe around 2 months. I "took a break" because my life was falling apart everywhere. I just loved the empire so much it became my top ever priority. I now fixed my life up a little bit and am back on track. :D

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  2. Well welcome back to EMC
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  3. Thats about all to say...
  4. Lol yep, i like saying hello and shaking hands to new people in EMC and RL
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  5. Im more of a shy person in RL....
  6. Haha that's surprising I seen you on some threads speaking your mind alot. Haha owell
  7. Im not a face to face person. This is the ONE place i can express my feelings....
    Especially on pigs.
  8. Mr. Pig is a thread hijacker in RL. Welcome back Ninjaboy. Hopefully you can keep priorities straight and stay with us.
  9. Welcome back :)
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  10. Welcome back, friend! I have missed you :D
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  11. hey :) come back to smp2 :D we need more active players :p
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