Im back!!!

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  1. Hey guys I don't know if you guys remember me from like 15+ months ago ..... I use to play alot on the server and had to do alot of irl stufffff....... well im back now I hope and i saw i cant find my res....
  2. Welcome back! Your res must have been gone beacause you were derelict ;)
  3. maybe it was force claimed?
  4. Hey pieter, I remember you very well from back then! Such a long time ago! I remember visiting your residence one time and it had gone derelict so system unclaimed it for you so that new members could claim it. You'll have to start over I'm afraid, but I'm glad to see you back pieter!
  5. Welcome back pieter! :) I've only been with EMC for about a mth and a half...nice to meet ya.
  6. Welcome back to the Empire pieter. :) Sorry about your residence. :(
  7. Thanks for the welcomes guys and I remember you @FDNY21 ;D
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  8. Welcome back! Good luck getting back on your feet, if you need any help just shout. :)