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  1. So, hello empire. Its been a while; I've been distracted for the last couple months, and I've lost track of my servers. I haven't played on mine craft lately; as i have been playing on other games on my computer also wrapping up school. Some of you may know me; some of you may not. But what matters is that I'm here once again. Empire is the only server that really feels like a family to me; and I'm glad to be back. Ill try to get my supporter back as well. Long live EMC!
  2. Welcome Back! I briefly heard of you and possibly have talked you. I hope you have a great time back on the Empire!
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  3. Welcome back, have a awesome time back :D
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  4. I recognise your username, I don't think we ever talked but I do remember seeing your username somewhere :p
    Either way, welcome back!
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  5. Hi back...
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  6. I remember you. Welcome back! :]
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  7. An update, my res right next to SMP1 spawn was directed. But apparently was unclaimed. Wow, I'm lucky XD
  8. Welcome Back Oid! Are you still collecting dragons from DC? If not, there's been a lot of new dragons and new GoN can breed now!! Woot! lol :p Hope to see you around.

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  9. ._.
    Hi. Been a looooooong time !!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s.: It's me, 1998golfer.
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  10. They can?! Hehehe...
  11. Question, Has Utopias wilderness reset since december? :eek:
  12. No
  13. Actually I should say, they breed with others to get 3 new dragons...not that you will get a GoN from breeding...however, you can get a total of 3 GoNs now and they upped the chances of a successful summon.
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  14. Good!
    And Fantastic.
  15. Welcome back! :D I remember you. :) Nice to see you again.
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  16. Wilderness/Frontier will never reset as far as I know.
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  17. Hey oid! Welcome back man, I'm glad that you're apart of our big family :DD If you have any questions about new updates, or general questions regarding how things work now feel free to message me!
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  18. :D Welcome back! :cool:
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