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Do you know me

Yes 24 vote(s) 61.5%
No 15 vote(s) 38.5%
  1. Hi
    Betcha don't know who I am
  2. I know who you are! Welcome back :D
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  3. oh god, it's y-I mean OH HEY WELCOME BACK
  4. .-.
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  5. I'm building a shop at 4040 I wonder how many of my friends are left besides you guys
  6. O uhm hi uhh
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  7. Welcome back :)
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  8. Welcome back. Just wondering, where'd you go? :p
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  9. You guessed right
  10. Hey good to see you Demonthunder345! Don't forget that I help you build that shop.I might be one of your newest friends. :) :)
  11. yes, yes you are
  12. Hey good to see you in the chats.Dont forget that I helped build that 4040 shop. I might be one of your newest friends. ;)

  13. I remember you :p Welcome back!
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  14. :D
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  15. The thunderous demon has returned! :D
  16. Demon! I remember you! Welcome back! :D
  17. Oh hi fdny
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  18. Welcome back:p
  19. I remember you, you are the guy who ignored me for a few months...
    I don't care about that really but that's what I remember you for...