im back :P

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Cool5t0rybro, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. i highly doubt anyone remembers me, i did a massive drop party on SMP1 and gave away 42k,
    Now Armed with $250 im restarting my experience on this server, i'll be playing on SMP9 as it looks the most populated. Hopefully the cripple mob thing is gone (mobs barely moving) But if it isnt, idc ima just relax and build some nice things.
  2. Nice thing your back, dude!
  3. Welcome back. It was fixed a while ago now. T'was a bukkit issue.
  4. Couldnt say it better myself :)
  5. Yay! I knew that problem would be gone :p
    Well ima go hop on smp9 right now and try earning my 42k and enchanted gear back xD
  6. Nah i dont like this monthly stuff, if i enjoy the server i may get gold, cheap and good, im not paying $20 for just tnt usage.
    LOL my plot on SMP1 was still there XD
  7. CoolStoryBro, tell that again. Just kidding.
    Welcome back. Iam Saj.