Im back. Oasis Hotel Reservations: Get them now!

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Do these prices seem appropriate?

No, lower them 2 vote(s) 22.2%
Yes! They are just right 2 vote(s) 22.2%
No, raise them! You can get more for those! 3 vote(s) 33.3%
I don't know, i haven't checked out 6687! 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Well, recently i looked on the Partner website Justin mentioned and saw that we were their recommended server. I don't know why, but this sparked an interest in finally coming back. (Ive been gone for way longer than the Bai post)

    Anyways, I'm coming back to my big sandstone hotel, All i need to do is furnish and set prices. we have 4 small rooms done, being the first floor. The top floors with bigger rooms will be made soon. In order to reserve a spot and get a bigger room, it would help me a lot to donate.

    Small rooms: DONE, 50 rupees a week, or 200 forever (will be 4 of these)
    Suites: Not done, will be double the suites, so 100 rupees a week, or 400 forever (will be 4 of these)
    Penthouse: Comes with a balcony, huge, takes up a whole floor. 200 a week, 800 forever. (Will be 1 of these.

    The hotel will be eventually 4 giant floors, with a storage center, a pool, and some attractions, like spleef, a roller coaster, and maybe a petting Zoo
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  2. Penthouse please
  3. i will pay 1000r for a penthouse
  4. I will take one of the Suites
  5. I asked first :p so too bad
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  6. One penthouse for me, just for the lulz.
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  7. I want the penthouse. For kicks :p
  8. Can I get the biggest room forever?
  9. Yeah, that sounds nice. 1 biggest room forever please.
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  10. I would like the whole Hotel for myself please.
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  11. Why didn't I think of this??
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  12. Just, let some space for others... xD, like me, I am roofless.... :p

    And I have a question for MEIN, wich server is it on?
  13. I ASKED FIRST :mad:
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  14. Sure you did... :p
  15. Yes i did so i get a penthouse :p in YOUR FACE
  16. Gabe got the penthouse, donations are the price for the room
    Bob, you got a suite
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