im back everyone

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  1. so i have been gone for a camp for only 4 days but it seems like ALOT has changed with emc can anyone fill me in?
  2. You were gone.
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  3. Basically Chris, EMC updated to 1.3.1 and there have been some issues but they will be sorted.
  4. :p
  5. You where to late for expensive emeralds :eek:

    Only thing I can think about is the emeralds killing our rupees! they are falling in price, I feel sorry for people there gave 100-500rupee each =)

    Oh and yea new owner of SMP4 Dragon Egg :p
  6. well lets see... EVERYBODY DIED.
    not really. now you have reason to raed my comment!
    the only thing that i know of is that villager breeding is back for some reason, and villagers can disappear for no reason. alsoi know that 1998golfer got banned.
  7. he did....
  8. he did.
    maybe he got unbanned but i saw him get banned on utopia yesterday
  9. Ehm... I was perma banned my r0bbiejo for caps and raging on SMP4, But ICC thought it was a bit much for caps given that it was because stuff in my chest (15k+ worth) disappeared. It is now a 5 day temporary ban.

    OH and while I was online on my alt (no1 knew it was my alt) i asked who was glad golfer got banned, and like lots of ppl said "YES!" and "I HATEED GOLFER!" I was sad after that ;(
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  10. ok ty everyone for the info. :)
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  11. Yeah people do that buddy. its alright! We are here for you!