I'm back! Again...

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  1. I doubt anyone will remember me, I'm a veteran SMP3 player.

    I first joined EMC about a year and a half ago, and at first I was extremely addicted. The server didn't get boring, Minecraft just started to bore me and I found other games to play. But I've decided to come back, or at least log in daily to check on things.
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  2. Hey, I remember the name, don't remember talking at all/much though. Welcome back! :)
  3. I placed in April's click contest, that might be where you know the name.
  4. I remember seeing some of your posts on forums. I've been on the forums for a long time now, I'll know an older name when I see it :p
  5. Wait till you see my new name, you'll never forget it. ;)
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  6. Welcome Back:)
  7. If you change your name then I will probably forget you, I'm not great with new names, and I'll be keeping mine forever anyway. ;)
  8. Thanks Mustang.

    And you won't forget this name, trust me.
  9. Hi Nccoryg. I remember seeing your name on smp3. I'm on that server as well. Welcome back. :)
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  10. Still not a veteran yet but a returner :p

    Welcome back!
  11. Im your friend, I remember you :p. Welcome back!
  12. Welcome back! :)
  13. Thanks, I'll probably be making a whole new one with more detail of what I've done since I got back.