im Auctioning 4 freedom steaks 1 labor bench and a lucky bow!

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want more bundle promos or want single promo auctions?

i want more bundle promos 7 vote(s) 77.8%
i dont want more bundle promos 2 vote(s) 22.2%
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  1. item's: 4 Freedom steaks 1 labor bench and 1 lucky bow!
    Starting bid: 36,000 rupees
    min bid increment's: 1r
    ending time: 48 hours after the last VALID bid.

    i got these promos and i need money so and this is why its 36k for the whole thing
    4 freedom steaks 2k each its 6k a labor bench is worth 10k and a lucky bow is about 20k in the shops
    so there is my math and here is my auction so BID!
  2. 36,000
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  3. 36,000 rupees
  4. just kidding. 37,000
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  5. 38,000;)
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  6. 39,000
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  7. 39,001 :) cause I can
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  8. 39,500
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  9. bumpidy bump bump! :)
  10. bump come on guys this is worth a lot more am i right?
  11. say which year the labor bench is you might get more
  12. my labor bench is 2014
  13. autcion over eviltoade wins! for 39,600
  14. I'll pay you when I see you on.
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