I'm annoyed now!

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  1. I have a texture pack that I've been making for a while, and now with 1.5, with EVERY block and item having it's own texture, I won't be able to update it. I'm already making stop motion videos for people at school, and with wasting my time doing that, I don't have any time to update my texture pack at all. I will pay someone 2,000 rupees to update the texture pack for me. I'm really annoyed because of it.
  2. I'm making a texturepack called Stupidcraft.
  3. I'll update it, although I need to work on my mod. I might have time to work on it if I am supplied with the resources of the textures.
  4. If you need to do something else, you don't have to work on it for me. I have other stuff to do that takes days non stop, which is why I can't.
  5. I'd like to try my hand at it. Can you PM me a copy of the texture pack? I should be able to finish it before EMC updates, but if not I'll PM you back.
  6. I'll do it, pm me with a DL link.
  7. I already got help from Supereskimo.
  8. You could just try the un-stitcher tool that Dinnerbone put together to convert old texture packs into the new 1.5 format. Go here www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Texture_pack then scroll down to the Resources section near the bottom. (I know, I'm a bit late. :p)
  9. I know about that now, thanks. And I already got help. Look at the post RIGHT above that one!
  10. Haha yeah I saw, I decided to just go ahead and post it anyway for future reference. ;)