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  1. Hey guys, and yes, I am alive, sorry, it's not like me to go silent without warning, but I was on vacation for 3 DAYS. I know, I went outside. Bummer. Anyways, all jokes aside, I want to cover these three topics (as shown in title) in the most quickest way possible.
    1. I'll be less on unfortunately when school starts back up (on the 22nd for me) and you'll probably see a drop in players on the servers as well. But, I'll always find a way to get on at least once a week.
    2. Top 5 Creations: I'll be putting up the thread on my birthday, (tomorrow) and remember, YOU GUYS CAN VOTE THE WINNER. I'll put all the Imgur links in the thread, and put a poll. Also, I've been recieving flak about choosing the winners, as too some selfish people wanting rupees, that is also a main factor in my decision to let you guys pick winners. Also, due to lack of traffic, I will be ending the Top 5 Creations at Week 3. (Sorry!..)
    3. My Birthday is tomorrow. And due to me getting back this late, I will have to scape up the crappiest EMC B-Day party imaginable. It'll still be a party though, don't worry. But no flashy stuff or giveaways. Don't have time ATM, it's 8:27 PM PST and I really don't feel like waking up late for my b-day tomorrow. So yeah, if you do want to come, 10417 SMP5. They'll be cake (hopefully) and music supplied by C418, of course.
    And again, I apologize for my inactivity, but things will pick up back again soon. See you guys around.
    ~ IamSaj
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  2. My church is almost done! Time to steam roll through it so its finished lol
  3. I can possible squeeze you in too Week 2. PM once its finished (has to be finished and took pictures of in 3 hours)
  4. Yeah that won't happen lol, week 3 it is, I still have to do like a quarter of the roof, two pillars, all the inside designs =/ the catacombs. lol going to take me a day or two. You should come check it out though. 8465 :) smp4
  5. Happy birthday:D
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  6. Thanks! :3
  7. Happy birthday!