I'm addicted to planetside 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jeanzl2000, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. I need... I need help.

    Today I was playing planetside 2 13 hours straight non stop.

    I earned 106,000 XP Today and finished as the #1 player on the soltech daily leader boards...

    It's just so hard to stop. I know I need to get back to minecraft but...

    I feel like I need to be convienced
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  2. Free diamonds at 1303 restrictions apply
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  3. You dont yourself anygood forcing yourself to play a certain game. I've been like that for years in order to become pro. Beeing within a certain top range like server first/ World Top 20 really is an amzing feeling, but it must always be to your licking. Once you grow bored of it stop and do what you are interested in. People might feel turned down and try to get you back. Believe me I got 200 skype contacts (gaming pawls only; private are extra), I get like 20 request to come back to a certain game a day. I couldnt keep up with it even if I would like to, especially as I have to keep my household running and have to do good in university.

    So long story short, if it is planetside what is moving you now go for it. Minecraft will be more interesting sooner or later. And a lost advise as you mentioned "addicted". To over come an addiction almost every therapie or method fails, if the reason for you beeing addicted stays. Many gaming addicted (as same as alcohol addicted) have the same reason for the addiction, its having nothing better to do. Even if they dont want to play they do so as there is no alternative.

    If you look out for something that interests you, it will be surprsingly easy to lower the time you play games. If the gaming wins over that newly found activity it wasnt the right thing.

    Good Luck, stay aware of what you are doing, be critical to yourself and you will be just fine.
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