I'm aceoo

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  1. I'm aceoo, I enjoy playing the game, In building, and finding almost all my own items.
    Currently working on trying to find a way to mange a 100+ chicken farm on the game that allow for easy access and quick egg retrival.
  2. Welcome to the server aceoo!! On what server are you?
  3. Please don't let your chicken population get out of hand, it tends to lag really bad. >_<'
    I'm not sure what a good number is for chickens, but the "100+" scares me. :p

    *Edit* And welcome. :D
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  4. Don't mind Maxarias. She loves chickens! I am sure she would love you to come to her residence and give her some chickens.
  5. My residence is on smp4. I believe that my location # 8990.
  6. I've seen some of the mod's chicken pits.
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! And good choice on the server! smp4 is the best :cool: Or at least it is the one I use :p