Im a very special person

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  1. I'm a game designer. and coder i know allot in HTML and i host my own stuff. I know how to config and host a server of the most typical, but don't worry i wont advertise on any server because i know that is wrong. i am a kind minded human being unless my life is being threatened i wont say a hurtful word at all i am also autistic so i might say random stuff that does not make any sense. that just means I'm functioning as my self. i can draw cool drawings from no idea at all to something awesome I play on this server the most , more than others because i feel safe here. i know that if i am feeling sad i can play on here and feel better, thank you for hosting this amazing server!
  2. We are definitly glad to have you here!
  3. Hi beckham_caleb. Maybe I'll meet you in game sometime. :)
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