I'm a newbie!

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  1. Hello all you crafters out there!

    I've only been playing Minecraft for about a month now, and it was quite easy to get addicted to say the least!

    My name is Crystal, and I'm an extreme gamer. Aside from my computer, I also like to log on to my Xbox Live account and play some online gaming there as well. I also have a bunch of retro Nintendo systems, and a handful of online gaming accounts.

    I've been searching for a Minecraft server where I can feel at home, and I'm happy I found you guys. I quite enjoyed the tutorial process, and like how I can claim a piece of land as my own without fear of getting killed or griefed!

    I'm glad to meet you all, and look forward to chatting online! <3
  2. welcome, hope you enjoy your time here :)
  3. Thanks Apamment! I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fun here ;)
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  5. that's why this server is so great :D
  6. Thanks AlexChance, and I agree completely Brennian. I'm completely immersed Empire Minecraft now...I hardly play on single player anymore hahaha
  7. Welcome to the empire! What server are you on? Hope you enjoy your time here as much as we all do :)
  8. I'm on SMP4. It was the only server at the time that had a lot of residential openings. I really enjoyed the quiz in the beginning too.:)
  9. Welcome guess youve finally found the best server out there :D
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  10. You got that right lol! It's only my forth day and it's all I play on :D
  11. I've been here over 100 days and it's still all I play on :p
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  12. Yeah same and this is all I will ever play on. Not only will I play on it I will support and tell my friends and everyone I know to try it out. I've already got 5 of my guys over here playing on this server. The empire is life <3
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  13. Wow, you guys both sound like old timers eh? lol! I've already told my friends about the Empire, and now that I have a job you best believe I'm going for the Gold Support! I was thinking about trying out the other servers, but meh I'll stay at 4.

    Empire 4 Life baby :cool:
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  14. Well they are all filled with wonderful people I can tell you that ;)
  15. Yep, such a true statement! I love the conversations you guys have going on there half the time.
  16. lol munchie im at your res atm :p
  17. How extreme of a gamer are you really?
  18. I'm afk right now, but I thought I heard footsteps all up on my grass! hahaha
    Well, I've been playing both Nintendo games, and computer games for about 20 years now. My father introduced me to the Comedor 64, and we had all the retro Nintendo systems (NES, SNES, N64, etc). I've been playing ever since, and just upgraded recently to the Xbox 360 and a Window's 7 computer.
  19. hehe commodore 64 to windows 7 pc is quite an upgrade :p
  20. Definitely an old timer :p I'll make sure to say hello to you if I see you around, although I'm on smp2 (3646), smp5 (10001) and smp7 (14015) currently haha.
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