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  1. i LOVE these severs,emc should be like a sever that comes with the game like call of dudy ALITE were you go online make an account,like soo,and you can go on it whenever you want and make new friends! AND I personly think there should be more slots but if this does happen mojang will probobly 100 slots.:)
  2. I think my translators are a bit off or what you said makes no sense.
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  3. Thanks for the kind words! I agree Mojang should include us in the game, lets start a petition! Haha just joking of course we would be crushed by the traffic unless we had the funding to open MANY more servers.
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  4. I think I see a sales pitch here. Very subtle, but it's definitely there.
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  5. Well true mojang IS coming out with LEGO minecraft lol well it AWSOME to be talking with the head admidistraiter (I think I spelt that wrong) but I know these severs are expensive so...... Yeaaaa bie? Oh yea srry bout the avatar my friend put it there.
  6. Translators?????
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  7. its elite bro
  8. "I love the Empire Minecraft servers. The server URLs should be included with the game, like they do with Call of Duty Elite. Where you go online, make an account at your leisure, and make new friends! There should be more slots! If Mojang sponsors the servers, there will be at least 100! :)"
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  9. Thank you for making the sadistic ewok go away :D
  10. He is still there watching you from the window.
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  11. That is surely one of the most simple yet cunning "jeu de mots" I've read here XD
    Hey Welcome to you Bunch!
  12. I never thought I would sound like such an old man. But what is up with the youth of today? :)

    Poor grammar and spelling really grinds my gears. The worst is how people spell rediculous. It's RIDICULOUS. HAHA.

    Also, I underlined my old man statements.
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  13. Actually, another one that I didn't understand for awhile is the "XD." I get it, but it's become a standard smily now.... and it doesn't always look like it should. I got accustomed to using it from seeing it on the chat. I sent it to my wife via SMS and she said "WHAT?!" Took me about 3 hours to explain it to her.