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  1. Hey guys just a player who likes to be friendly and ive benn playing for a while now but im aiming to be a Well-Known Member, please help me do it! But im auctioning something! It is a Enchanted Diamond Pick. The enchantments are

    1. Efficiency II
    2. Unbreaking II
    3. Fortune I

    You have 2 weeks to put in your bid.
  2. This isn't the right way to do an auction. Have a read of the auction rules, then post it in the "community auctions" section. But, a very belated, welcome to the Empire! :)
  3. Wrong way to do an auction. Also, at the title, I was like:
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  4. Welcome to the empire where the server trolls you.
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  5. Welcome!

    Also, listen to what JackBiggins said, this isn't the correct way of making an Auction.
    Oh well, Welcome to the Empire! :D
    What SMP did you choose? ;)
  6. I chose SMP2 and im not new ok im just posting another thread! :D
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  7. I read your post and I was like:
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  8. It is always funny when someone points to their profile pic then changes it. Aikar once had a pic of himself and he pointed to his profile pic in the Show Yourself thread. Then he changed it and his post made no sense. And in the quote it looks like you are pointing to my profile pic.
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  9. Well-known eh? Good luck, you might want to touch on your grammar if you want people to understand what your saying. Listen to Jack too, if your going to aim for well-known might as well get yourself looking proper.
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  10. <---Thumbs up on Joining the Empire... ooo We have secret that other servers don't have you know what it is are Creepers will hug till they explode ;)
  11. Happy 165th day on EMC Zaccy :) Oh and how's the temp ban for spam and caps going? ;)
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