Illegal Mod: Dont use!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Shoop_Do_Whoop, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. This mod here-- Linky! -- is not allowed by the server. I tried using it, to freak out a few people, and the server will boot you quickly. Don't use it!
    Despite its utter awesomeness, don't convince people in the town that you are a small ghast! You will be kicked by the servers system for "Illegal Stance."
  2. Haha thats awesome, but yea, I can see why it is not allowed XD
  3. I tried convincing people that I was a silverfish, thats how I found out I couldn't use it.
  4. I would love this mod on the server but to be honest I wouldnt like ghast flying around town xD techincally this doesnt break mod law it doesnt effects core gameplay in any way correct?
  5. It doesn't affect gameplay, but it could really freak people out. The game probably just doesn't want you to suddenly be the height of a silverfish while on a server.
  6. The mod could scare the living daylight out of younger players and others might panic and go cobblestone crazy making everyone look paranoid
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