I'll make a deal with you, EMC...

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  1. So, my youtube channel is dying. Bottom line.
    With school starting soon, i'll have to drop youtube if i can't revivive my channel, because i'll be drowned in school.

    So, i have a deal to make with you EMC:
    If i reach:
    1000 video views by this Saturday
    30 subs by the end of tomorrow
    I'll either:

    Do any challange that YOU, the EMC community chooses (No salt and ice, cinimmon, or twerking c:)
    Sing a song of YOU GUYS'S choice.

    Here is my channel:

    ONLY RULE: If we reach the sub challange, all who subs MUST STAY ACTIVE! (Watch videos, at the minimum)

    When i hit 1k views, i'll start a poll if is should do a song or a challange
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  2. If you say no twerking why did you just like a video called twerkalicious :p
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  3. ...wut...
    I never watched a video like that...

    EDIT: You mean Markiplier Twerks? xD
    I just don't want to shake meh booty on youtube, if ya know what i mean
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  4. That's like 180 views or 8 subscribers. Hel..ck I'll even make 8 YouTube accounts just to see you sing baby
  5. Subscribed and watched like 5 videos!
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  6. lolz I know the perfect challenges for anyone to do :> Do Back Words Words challenge, or the cottonball challenge... I know of a LOT more than that, because I have done most of them before >.>
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  7. I haven't heard of those before :eek:
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  8. LOL I know a lot more that you can do...
    Oh, do the knife game :D You can sing the song too :p
    The cotton ball challenge is where you are blindfolded, you try to scoop cotton balls out of a huge bowl, and put them into a container on top of your head, using a spoon. You usually do two rounds with another person, and however scooped the most cotton balls, wins the DARE. Yes, this is a DARE challenge. So if you lose, you have to do whatever you agreed to:p
    Back Words Words is pretty self explanatory. Just look at what smosh did.
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  9. Done :p
    I have a song in mind :3

    Sub back?
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  10. imagesCAWG4947.jpg
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  11. I have all my fingers... The knife goes chop chop CHOP. If I hit my finger, it will surely bleed. I'm picking up the speed now, I play this game all day long, and every time I play this game the knife goes chop chop chop chop chop. I have all my fingers the knife goes chop chop chop chop CHOP.
  12. I learned it like this:

    "Oh, I got all my fingers. THe Knife goes chop chop cop. And if i miss the spaces in between, my fingers will come off, But all the same I play this game, cause that's what's it's all about! Oh! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!
    I'm picking up the speed
    And if I hit my finger
    Then my hand will start to bleed!"
  13. Oh, that's only one of the versions I know of :> I know your version too, and extreme version.
    The extreme version is taking any nursery rhyme and playing the knife game with it. Now, you pickup the speed very very quickly and you will mostly likely bleed. Ring around the rosey, pockets full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.
  14. Since my youtube isn't counting the view, NEW DEAL:

    If i reach 30 subs by the END OF TOMORROW, i'll either do a challange or sing a song c:
  15. I subbed cuz I can
  16. Sorry to be the party pooper here, but if you have to ask us to sub and watch your videos, that doesn't really sound like you have any real motivation to do Youtube. You don't need people to throw themselves at you like Pewdiepie to make and post stuff that you want to do.
  17. I was hoping people would find me on youtube and sub, but i've been losing REALLY quickly.
    Also, no one has EVER given me a suggestion (one game, Bawk), so i can't read empty comments, can I?

    And, i have 28 subs, so i will not be doing a challange or singing :c
    Sorry guys
  18. Was just about to sub until you said you weren't going to do the challenge/sing anymore.. I was in it for the song :(
  19. Go ahead and sub! I still have my 1k speical ;D (When i hit it)