I'll be making a pitfall around my town.

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  1. This is to fight against the griefers. "BUT A PITFALL IS A TRAP!" you might say, BUT, according to shaunwhite1982, "If it can be seen, it is allowed and if they fall in, its their fault." I am also looking for donations for this. No ruppes, just wood and fences. The fences will be for a few places on the pitfall, where you can jump up on the fence, and walk to the other side BUT, also according to Shaun, I am allowed to make gaps. "If they fall because they cant walk and jump right, its their fault" He said. I will start this very soon.
  2. Completely off topic... What is up with the video clip under your topic?
  3. This camp is in EMC and i'm asking for donations to help with it. The clip is a random thing.
  4. That a random clip from one of Eddie Wong's videos, I think. He makes some coll stuff.

    As for the pitfall, it might work, or they can just build a bridge across it.. Unless you mean your res, not a wild town.
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  5. I may have missed the boat on this one, but what's to stop people just building over it?