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  1. Hey there. I have used Cinema 4D as a 3D HD render program for over 2 years now, and I'd say that I have become quite proficient at it. So now, I'm starting a service where I will make you a signature with it for only 14,999 rupees! That's a great price for the time and skill it takes to properly make one of these. Optimal render settings will always be used to assure the best end result.

    Any minor adjustments you may want within 2 weeks of receiving the signature are absolutely free! Major adjustments such as completely reworking the render will cost 4,999 rupees. After 2 weeks have passed, minor adjustments will cost 1,000 rupees and major adjustments will not be covered, as in you will need to reorder.

    Additional examples will be shown upon request.

    Without further delay, here's the form to fill out if you are interested in ordering a signature!
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  2. Bump, nearly done with another to add to 'previous work' :)
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  3. how do you get the form to be there?
  4. Embedding.