If you were to buy any block/item in minecraft, what would you get?

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  1. If you were to buy any block/item in minecraft, what would you get?
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  2. I presume you mean IRL.
    Probably a piston.
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  3. Beacon. I could run and jump so high! Got anybody trying to kill me? Regeneration ftw!

    (Second choice is a potato. :3 )
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  4. Hmm....

    I would say a glowstone block
  5. Diamond block! Let's go!
  6. I mean in EMC :)
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  7. Bedrock xD
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  8. In EMC, Icecreamcow's head. :3
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  9. Mine is Aikar's head.
    (And some of ICC's Icecream :D)
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  10. Diamond pick with fortune 100, unbr 100, eff 100 :)
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  11. Command block :3
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  12. Ender crystal
  13. ICC head.... so valuable :p
  14. The most basic of all items... netherrack... wut?
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  15. Dirt block with Eff 1000, Unbreaking 10000, Sharpness 1000, Knockback 1000, Looting 1000, Fortune 1000, Bane of Arthropods 1000, Smite 1000 and Fire Aspect 1000.
  16. Please only respond with vanilla items :)
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  17. JustinGuy's head!
  18. ICC's head.
  19. Pumpkin Pie block, not real? I don't care.
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  20. quartz block cuz omg i love the quartz block soooo much like i have this weird thing for it <3 lol
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