If you were the person who griefted my wild camp..

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  1. Please come forward. I'm still kind of mad at who ever did this but if you come forward, I will ask the mods for a lesser ban. (Don't get me wrong, I still want you banned for at least a month) You will not be doing just me good, but everyone else, including your self. If you don't come forward, and someone catches you griefing, they wont have mercy and will have you banned forever. If you grief MY place again, I wont have mercy, and will want you banned forever so please come forward.
  2. Sorry, whats this wid camp?
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  3. Its called Tree grove, and its run by me and Foohundred.
  4. Yeah I don't think he/she will post if they griefed your base xD
  5. I know but it might increase the chances that he/she will be found! :)
  6. I don't really think so :/
  7. Yeah what was taken?
  8. I like your signature :D
  9. Some diamonds, redstone, gold, coal, sugar cane, wheat, saplings, seeds, wooden planks, cobble stone, and other stuff.
    If they know I will ask for a lesser ban, it might. :) But if they don't come forward, I want a perm ban for him/her.
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  10. True but only a bit (I know if I did grief you then I would come forward just I would hate not being truthful :/
  11. The thing that sucks is that the griefer found my hidden chest. At the start of the camp, I didn't have the funds to lock a chest, so I just hid it. That's where all my diamonds and other stuff were, now, I have nothing. The griefer even trolled me, he put random crap int he chest like dirt, a rail, and a sign.
  12. yeah shure he will come here and say:
    "i did it, when can i come back to grief, and can you gimme the coordinates again, please?"
    YEAH shure.
  13. Something tells me you looked at the title and just typed this.
  14. Once again, you are wrong.
  15. The griefers r never going to say wo they r
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  16. Nobodys gonna come forward. nobodies gonna catch them if you didn't. Why would someone face the music? theres no bonus, you just get banned

    Theres no lesser ban, a griever is a griever.
  17. The kind of person who would steal and grief is not the kind of person who would come foward and confess to a "Crime". The best thing to do is hide your chest away from your camp. Actually the best thing is a locked chest if you can afford one. A good rule of thumb that I've unfortunately been forced to live by is don't build anything in the wild that you wouldn't want to see griefed. I wish we lived in a world where people would respect other players creations and mining or farming operations. But we don't.
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    "The only safe place to build is your 60x60 residence in Town"

    Wilderness is nto a place to build unless you agree by default that your stuff might be taken as it is free for all in there


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  19. Well said.

    EDIT: Furthermore, Unless you have screenshots of the person grieving, NO MORE GREIFING POSTS!!! Nobody wants to hear you whine every 2 days when you get grieved, You read the guide and knew the risks, so stop complaining. Nobody can help ban the griever, and not many people care. If you read the guide, I really don't think you should keep posting (this goes for everyone) grief posts. its kindle like spam

    As for tips, build father out, even if you think its far, build it at like a 20 minute walk and make it underground, deep into the earth. Buildings look cool, but they don't when they get grieved, so go underground
  20. Only thing you ever posted that was actually smart.
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