If you place a bed in the wild...

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  1. and die, do you spawn at ur bed?
  2. LOL yep... unless you placed it in the nether... then it blows you up and you spawn at, well, spawn. :)

    EDIT: you also have to sleep in the bed after you place it...
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  3. ah ic ty
  4. And I cant sleep in utopia wild :(
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  5. I never thought about that, but that, that's kinda wrong... We totally can't sleep in Utopia wild!
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  6. But then I die at my camp almost 2000 blocks away from spawn and i have to run back almost 2000 blocks
  7. Maybe adding another /home location for utopia users would be a neat perk. :) Could call it /bed or /warp or something.
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  8. Off topic but along the same lines... I think beds in Dystopia should explode like they do in the Nether! :)
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  9. Or just allow 1bed/player :D
  10. What is dystopia T_T
  11. But you can only sleep at night... and since it's never night in Utopia... bed is worthless.

    It's going to be a hardcore server on EMC soon hopefully! :) They are working on it now I think.
  12. Yea. they should make another way for utopia user. since free player can sleep in smp

    By this one I mean in Dystopia/Hardcore

    Oh nevermind. can only sleep one at a time anyway :)