If you know how to build blaze grinders read this

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nwayne7, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Ok everyone i was wondering if anyone knows how to build a 2x blaze spawner in 1 spot.Also please name your price below and if you would supply or i supply

    (dont bother saying ill do it for free if i can use it)
  2. What kind of spawners?
  3. A double blaze
  4. Those are super tricky. I'd recommend building two separate crushers. Maybe someone knows how to do it, though. I'd love to know how if you find someone to help you.
  5. Try asking PTHagaard. He helped me make my dual-blaze (which was later griefed, and no longer exists).
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  6. AlexChance would help you for a fee
  7. Do two separate chambers trust me.
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  8. I won't actually go out and build it as I don't have enough experience, but two separate crushers is perfectly fine. Just hook both up to one control panel and put the killzones fairly close to each other.