If you hire someone, supply them!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lamjulo, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I'm not going to name names, but I just saved another player from being ripped off. If you ask someone to do a job for you, and that you will pay them, don't make them buy the supplies from you. Realistically, they would be losing potential money earned from buying junk from you. Supply your employees. It's a twisted way not to have to pay someone in full.
  2. My name is CreppaNinja235 and I approved this message!!
  3. People can supply their workers, or not supply them. There is no requirement saying that a worker needs tools for free.
  4. It's common courtesy. In a real life construction business, you don't make the workers buy every single piece of equipment. It's simply being courteous to your fellow player.
  5. The business buys the materials, not the person who is having sonething built for them. If im not going to supply materials, i figure that into the pay. If i hire someone to dig out my res, but they pay for shovels, i will pay them more. If i supply shovels, i will pay less.
  6. I supplied my worker with like 10 shovels, he got to keep the rest, only had to pay him like 800r. I think its a good idea to supply your workers.
  7. True Empire employer right here.
  8. What should be common courtesy is to settle the contract ahead of time regarding what work is performed, what tools are supplied and how much is paid for X amount of work. Once the whole plan is laid on the table, and agreed to, work should then commence and everyone should stick to the plan.
  9. If i say "im paying 10k for someone to clear out my res", dont get mad when i dont supply shovels. Because i never said i would supply anything. Am i supplying shovels and storage to my res diggers? Yes, because i chose to and the workers stated BEFORE the deal was made that they didnt have any. I agree with Curundu. But people shouldnt get upset about not having shovels if it was not stated that they wouldnt be supplied.