If you had a whole day to do whatever you want, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Elysianx, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I chill with 'The Rock' Cause he fine ;-0
  2. I would go to about 5 movies in a row.....that would be amazing...then play in EMC
  3. Is it pathetic that it would be an MLP marathon for me? Because I never have time for it at any other time.
  4. Sap sentrys, kill tanks, and kill creepers.
  5. I would eat pie all day with no consequences whatsoever.
    Pumpkin, apple, and maybe others.
    And bacon too.
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  6. i'd probably go to an amerikan beach (i've never been) and surf ... then chill out on the sand making sandcastles ... then i'd lay back on the sand and watch the sunset while drinking a fruit smoothie :)
  7. I'd no life LoL all day. Oh wait, i already do.
  8. Play a basketball tournament!
  9. id take the girl i love out. then id go rob borrow money from a bank and with that money donate to emc and give half to the girl i love
  10. Go to Dove hunting, I keep seeing them everywhere i go their making fun of me :p or sleep for 24hrs with no interruptions :D
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  11. 24 hours is long, I can't do that :O My longest wast like 11 hours. :p
  12. I would go to the golf course and play some golf,Its f*****g relaxing :)
  13. Haha yea but be worth it :) longest I have ever slept was 36 hours took a power muscle relaxer cause strain my left shoulder muscles big time had to sleep off the pain :D
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  15. Lmao
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  16. EMC. Wait no... I'd go onto justin acc and give me all the rupeez and dragon eggs me wants!!!!! muhahahaha!